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Hero Encounters
Hero Encounters

Listed below are descriptions of the well known heroes that make cameos in Baldur's Gate.


Cadderly is a young scholar-priest who, since the age of five, lived in the Edificant Library, nestled in the Snowflake Mountains. He spent much time inventing unique and ingenius weapons, and apparently came up with the idea to cast a light spell in a tube with a screw-on cap. However, he was forced out of this idyllic lifestyle when the wizard Aballister and his imp, Druzil, sought to conquer the Shining Plains, beginning at the Library. With the aid of Danica, Newander and other companions, he fought the evil scourge and restored the Library.

Drizzt Do'Urden

A renegade drow ranger who has escaped the oppressive regime of his underground homeland, Drizzt Do’Urden is among the most famous of drow in the Realms owing to his deeds on the surface. His fame and hatred of his former homeland has made him a target of other drow who hope to earn favour with their evil goddess Lloth by killing the renegade.

Drizzt wears mithril chain mail, a gift of his friend King Bruenor. He wields two magical scimitars simultaneously. His most prized possession is a figurine of wonderous power of an onyx panther. The panther’s name is Guenhwyvar.


The exact age of the sage Elminster is unknown and his year of birth unrecorded. From his tales, it is suspected he learned his magical arts at the feet of Arkhon the Old, who died in what is now Waterdeep, and he may have been in Myth Drannor near that magical realm’s final days. The exact nature of these claims remains unproven, but most Realms natives who know him consider Elminster an eternal force in the world.

Elminster may be the most knowledgeable and well informed individual in the Realms. Though this may be only his own opinion, it is often voiced in his discussions with others. His areas of specialization are the Realms and its people, ecologies of various creatures, magical items and their histories, and the known planes of existence. Elminster no longer tutors nor works for hire save in the most pressing cases. He seems to prize his independence and solitude, but on several occasions has opened his tower to newcomers and visitors. Said visitors usually are in the midst of some harrowing quest.

Volothamp Geddarm

A roguish magician known for his neatly trimmed beard, stylish beret and acid tongue, Volo is a feature throughout the Realms—a brief feature, since his honesty in reporting often puts him at odds with the local merchants, constabulary, and wizards. He has written a number of works, including a popular series of guides to various cities and the Sword Coast, and Volo’s Guide to All Things Magical, a suppressed work dealing with magic “for the common people.”

Volo is a sage who concerns himself with wizards and with the geography and lore of the Realms. As a result, he is a font of knowledge on the subjects and more than willing to share the juiciest portions with whomever will listen. As a result, Volo must move around a lot in order to stay alive, which adds to his storehouse of information on geography. Heroes may find Volo anywhere in the Realms, usually on the run from this irate wizard or that angry innkeeper.

Dukes and Other Notables

The following are other notable residents found of Baldur's Gate:
  • Entar Silvershield (Lawful Good Fighter, 21st level), Duke of Baldur's Gate
  • Liia Jannath (Chaotic Good Mage, 16th level), Duke of Baldur's Gate
  • "Belt" (Chaotic Neutral Fighter, 19th level), Duke of Baldur's Gate
  • Eltan(Lawful Neutral Fighter, 20th level), Duke of Baldur's Gate and Commander of the Flaming Fist
  • Ravenscar (Neutral Evil Thief, 19th level), Thieves' Guildmaster
  • Thalamond Albaier (True Neutral Cleric, 17th level), High Artificer of the House of Wonders
  • Chanthalas Ulbright (Chaotic Good Cleric, 15th level), Priest of the Lady's Hall
  • Jahatha Mistmyr (Neutral Evil Cleric, 16th level), Priestess of the Water Queen's House