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Baldur's Gate 1 Cheat Codes

Listed below are some cheats codes that will help you in your game. But be for warned cheating takes away from the fun of the game!

To enable blood and gore (for German and other international versions): Using a text editor, edit the "Baldur.ini" file in the game directory. In the section titled "Game Options," add the line Memory Access=100.

Open the file baldur.ini in your Baldur's Gate directory and add the line Cheats=1 under the Game Options entry. Then save the file and run the game. Once in the game, hit Ctrl-Tab to bring up the console in which you'll type the cheats. Ctrl-Tab will also close this console. Type in the cheats exactly as they appear below and press Enter to activate.

Cheats:CriticalItems() spawns all of the game's critical items
Cheats:DrizztDefends() creates a friendly Drizzt
Cheats:DrizztAttacks() creates a hostile Drizzt
Cheats:Midas() gives you 500 gold
Cheats:FirstAid() creates 5 healing potions, 5 poison antidotes, and 1 Stone to Flesh scroll
Cheats:CowKill() creates a Cow Kill spell if you're near a cow
Cheats:TheGreatGonzo() summons 10 killer chickens to fight for you in battle
Cheats:Hans() moves your characters to an adjacent area if you get stuck
Cheats:ExploreArea() marks entire area as explored (works like the Clairvoyance spell)
CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("[number]") sets experience points to selected value (Example: CLUAConsole:SetCurrentXP("39500")
CLUAConsole:EnableCheatKeys() enables cheat keys from Cheat Key List below
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("[name]") spawns selected creature or NPC from Creature/NPC List below

Creature/NPC List

The name that is entered in CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("[name]") must be six characters or less. If the desired character has a name longer than that, only enter the first six letters. Note: Creating and killing some characters will prevent the game from completing correctly. Save the game before experimenting. The following are examples only; the list is not complete.

CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Ray") Gibberling
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Khalid") Khalid
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Jaheir") Jaheira
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Noober") Noober
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Rufie") Rufie
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Flame") Flaming Fist Mercenary
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Angelo") Angelo
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Guard") Guard
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Droth") Ogre Mage
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Flamwiz") Flaming Fist wizard
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Drizzt") Drizzt
CLUAConsole:CreateCreature("Elmins") Elminster